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Explore Alvie, where community meets opportunity. We offer a unique way for NDIS Providers to enhance their reach and impact. By adding your events to the Alvie billboard, you not only increase visibility but also contribute significantly to the local opportunities available to Alvie users. Leverage the Alvie platform to promote your events for free and watch participation grow.

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Maximise Your Exposure
with Alvie’s Billboard

Harness the power of Alvie’s community billboard to spotlight your local events and activities. Whether you offer group programs, workshops, events or outings, you can reach a wider audience quickly and efficiently. By featuring your events on the Alvie billboard, you not only gain immediate visibility amongst a highly engaged group of participants and carers but also strengthen your presence in the community. It’s an effortless way to ensure your events are seen and attended by those who can truly benefit from them.

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Boost Your Visibility and Community Impact

Broad Reach and Engagement

Promote events on a platform used extensively by NDIS participants and carers, ensuring high visibility and engagement.

Free Posting

Submit your events for approval quickly at no cost, enhancing your outreach with minimal effort.

Direct Community Connection

Link your events with people who will benefit most, strengthening community bonds and enhancing social outcomes.

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Empower Participants
Through Alvie

Alvie is an invaluable resource for your participants, offering significant opportunities for engagement and interaction both in the community and online. By referring participants to Alvie, you help provide them with safe, accessible socialising, crucial for those who may have limitations on their mobility or who find travel challenging.

Online Social Engagement

The Alvie app enables participants to engage with a vibrant community and participate in games and events virtually, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to connect and interact without the need to travel.

Tailored Activity Recommendations

Participants receive personalised recommendations for activities that match their interests, making it easier for them to find and join suitable events and programs, including yours.

List Your Event On The Alvie Billboard

Boost Visibility and
Participation at No Cost

Enhance Your Support
With A Carer Account

Enhance your role as an NDIS Provider with a linked carer account on Alvie. This feature allows you to manage and support your participant effectively, ensuring they benefit fully from the Alvie community.

Comprehensive Participant Oversight

Manage and oversee your participant’s activities and interactions on Alvie, providing them with a supportive experience.

Unified Carer Communication

Connect with other carers linked to your participant’s account, ensuring a collaborative approach that includes family and informal supports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of our FAQs visit our Support page.

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Navigate to the Alvie billboard and select “suggest an event” in the top right. Fill out the relevant details and allow 24 hours for Alvie admin to accept your submission.

Yes, we are NDIS verified, so participants can claim  through their NDIS plans. We will invoice them  directly (if self-managed), directly to their plan manager (if plan managed) or if Agency managed we will invoice the NDIA directly.  

NDIS Funding Registration Groups Applicable:

  • 0112 – Assistive Equipment for Recreation
  • 0116 – Innovation Community Participation
  • 0124 – Communication &  Information Equipment

See full list of codes

Alvie is a membership-based app with annual payments. The membership is priced at $500 per year, which includes the fee of $50 for your Police Check (unless you already have one). This can be cancelled at any time for no additional fees. Membership fees can be claimed through your NDIS plan in the following registration groups 0112, 0116, 0124.

See full list of codes

To add an event, simply navigate to the Alvie billboard at and fill out the required details. Your submission will be reviewed, and you can expect it to go live within 24 hours once approved.

You can list any event that supports and engages people with disabilities, including workshops, social gatherings, educational programs, and recreational activities. Ensure your events are accessible and suitable for the community.

No, listing events on the Alvie billboard is completely free. We encourage you to share as many relevant events as possible to maximise community engagement and participation.

Boost Visibility and Engagement Today

List Your Event and
Connect with More Participants

Expand your reach and impact by listing your event on Alvie’s community billboard at no cost. Quickly increase visibility and engage with Alvie users who are actively seeking disability-friendly events and activities in your local area.