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How it Works

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Complete Alvie certification

To ensure the safety of our community, all members must complete a Police Check. This fee is covered by Alvie, so it will require no out of pocket cost from any member.

Check out our FAQs

Navigate to the “FAQs” section in our header menu to see some the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Question, as well as some in-app demonstration videos.

We want your feedback

To create the best platform for you to build long-lasting connections, we need your help. Email feedback@alvie.com.au and tell us what you want to see from Alvie.

Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS participants can now claim Alvie charges. This allows us to further expand the Alvie community and provide even more opportunities for individuals with disabilities to connect, make friends, be informed and have fun.

NDIS Funding Registration Groups Applicable
0112 – Assistive Equipment for Recreation
0116 – Innovation Community Participation
0124 – Communication & Information Equipment

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Find Friends Easily

Alvie, the app, matches people with common interests, making it much easier to connect with others. We’ve created a program that can match you with people who enjoy the same things as you.

Love footy but don’t have anyone to cheer your favourite team? Alvie can help you connect with a friend who’ll don your team colours on game day and roar from the sidelines.

Love movies or read a lot of books? Alvie can make sure you have plenty to talk about with your new friend, who also loves comedies, action movies or can’t go past a sci-fi fantasy novel.

Safe & Certified

Alvie is the latest community-based app that helps create a safe space for people of all ages with a disability to socialise and make lasting connections, whether they live close-by or Australia-wide.

Alvie ensures you are navigating a super-safe online space, by creating a thorough list of steps to take before you can become certified and gain membership to the app.

Everyone with a membership will have been police checked to ensure they are genuine.

The Alvie Community

Alvie will give you access to a wide community of people who are struggling with similar issues, which can involve feeling lonely or being left-out of social events.

There are so many interests to choose from in the questionnaire, including NRL, AFL, movies, cooking, art, cricket, tennis, PlayStation, X-Box, swimming, online gaming, playing cards or sharing a milkshake with friends.

Alvie’s aim is to connect people with a disability who have similar interests and hobbies, such as budding chefs, anglers who love to fish or golf-lovers who can’t miss a pro tournament on TV.

You don’t have to do “life” on your own. Find friends all over Australia or even someone in your own postcode.

Alvie is passionate about combatting the isolation and loneliness that people with a disability can feel if they are finding it hard to make friends.

Get involved in a supportive community that understands your personal desires, interests and everyday requirements. 

You don’t have to do “life” on your own. Find friends all over Australia or even someone in your own postcode. Get involved in a supportive community that understands your personal desires, interests and everyday requirements.

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