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Welcome to Alvie, the web app where genuine connections flourish in a community built on safety, inclusivity, and shared interests. Meet like-minded people, make lifelong friendships, and engage in a world of fun. You don’t have to do life on your own with Alvie. 

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Safe and Certified

Friendship with Peace of Mind

At the heart of the Alvie community is a simple yet powerful promise: everyone you meet has passed a police check. Be part of a space where you can relax, be yourself, and connect with others who are just as committed to safe and genuine friendships as you are. We utilise the highest industry standard protocols to ensure the safety of the personal information of all our members.

Because with Alvie, it’s cool to be kind.

The Alvie Difference

Have Fun. Make Friends. Get Social.

NDIS Funding

Claim Alvie charges with your NDIS funding, making social engagement accessible and worry-free.

Mandatory Police Checks

Compulsory police checks for all members creates a secure space for lasting connections.

Welcoming Carers and Family

Invite your family and carers to join, creating a supportive network that enriches your Alvie experience.

Connect With Others

Find friends all over Australia or even someone in your own postcode, matched to your common interests.

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There’s Something For Everyone With Alvie

NDIS Participants

Alvie makes it easy to find your tribe and have fun

NDIS Providers

Add your event to the Alvie Community Billboard for free

Support Coordinators

Alvie’s role in Community Participation goals

Family & Carers

Alvie carer accounts help keep everyone safe

NDIS Participants

Alvie makes it easy to find friends and have fun

NDIS Providers

Add your event to the Alvie Community Billboard for free

Support Coordinators

Alvie’s role in Community Participation goals

Family or Carers

Alvie carer accounts help keep everyone safe

Emily Fiona Alvie Team
Connect and Thrive

Find Meaningful Friendships with Alvie

Alvie is your bridge to finding friends who share your passions, from footy to films and everything in between. Get matched with like-minded people, turning shared interests into the foundation of lasting friendships. It’s about more than just hobbies; it’s about combating the isolation and loneliness that can come with disability, offering a safe and supportive community that understands and values you.

Whether you’re looking for someone in your postcode or a friend across Australia, experience the joy of connection, where every friend understands your world.

Web App On Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Alvie Is A First Of Its Kind Social Platform

Alvie’s unique matching algorithm is designed for deep compatibility based on interests, hobbies, gender, location and age. Your support network is also welcome to join at no extra cost, ensuring a supportive, inclusive experience for all.

How It Works

Create your account

Complete Free Police Check

Invite Carers
and Family

Enjoy Using Alvie!

How It Works

Create your account

Complete Free Police Check

Invite Carers
or Family

Enjoy Using Alvie!

Are You A Charity or Not-For-Profit? We Give Back To You For Every Alvie Sign-Up

Spread the Alvie love amongst your members and supporters.


Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of our FAQs visit our Support page.

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Alvie is a first-of-its-kind web app social platform providing a safe space for people with disabilities to connect and form lifelong friendships. The web-app is compatible on mobile and desktop to accommodate all members. For more meaningful connections and increased member compatibility, Alvie’s algorithm has been designed to match members on not only age and location but also interests and hobbies.

To protect all members and foster a safe environment, we require that everyone signing up completes an official Police Check to ensure they are genuine. We also have several measures in place to monitor any misuse of the platform to help prevent bullying, harassment, and abuse.

You can complete your registration online at In the last step you will be required to upload certification documents or complete your Police Check through Once your Police Check is seen and approved by admin you membership will be approved.

Alvie is a web-app accessed online on Alvie can be accessed on mobile, tablet and desktop. If you are using Alvie on your mobile, we recommend adding the webpage as a shortcut on your home screen so it can be accessed like an App.

Alvie can be used for everyone 5 years old and over who have a cleared Police Check.

Yes, we are NDIS verified, so can claim through your NDIS plans. We will invoice you directly (if self-managed), directly to your plan manager (if plan managed) or if Agency managed we will invoice the NDIA directly.

NDIS Funding Registration Groups Applicable:

  • 0112 – Assistive Equipment for Recreation
  • 0116 – Innovation Community Participation
  • 0124 – Communication Information Equipment

See full list of codes

Alvie is a membership-based app with annual payments. The membership is priced at $500 per year, which includes the fee of $50 for your Police Check (unless you already have one). This can be cancelled at any time for no additional fees. Membership fees can be claimed through your NDIS plan in the following registration groups 0112, 0116, 0124.

See full list of codes

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