We Give Back For Every Alvie Sign-Up

Enhance Lives and Foster Social Connections

When you partner with Alvie, for every member who signs-up, we make a donation to you, ensuring that your mission grows stronger with each new connection. Together, we can open doors to new opportunities for social growth and enjoyment for people living with disability.

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A Partnership That Grows Community Impact

When you recommend Alvie, you’re doing more than enhancing social opportunities for your members; you’re also engaging in a supportive exchange that benefits your organisation.

We love to support the mission of our partner organisations by providing a donation for each new Alvie sign-up, aligning our shared goals of empowerment and community engagement.

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Key Benefits of Partnering With Alvie

Mutual Partnership Benefits

Partnering with Alvie means that for every new referred sign-up, we make a donation to you. Our partners can also be featured in our directory, providing members with the chance to donate directly to your cause. 

Safe and
Secure Platform

Alvie provides a safe space where the people you support can engage confidently. With strict privacy measures and moderated environments, we ensure that every interaction is secure and supportive.

Diverse Social Opportunities

Alvie offers a broad range of social activities, from fun online games and competitions to local community events. This diversity ensures your people have many ways to engage, connect, and enjoy themselves.

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Ensuring Safety and Trust on Alvie

Alvie is deeply committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all users. Our safety measures ensure that every interaction on the platform is conducted with the highest standards of security and respect. At Alvie, it’s cool to be kind.

All users must undergo mandatory police checks before they can interact on the platform.

Linked carer accounts provide additional support and oversight of participant activities.

The Alvie algorithm is designed to detect and mitigate any signs of bullying or harassment.

Start a Rewarding Partnership

Let's create a ripple effect of support and generosity that strengthens both our communities.


Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of our FAQs visit our Support page.

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It’s super easy! Just complete the inquiry form on this page, and we’ll chat about how we can work together. We love partnering with other organisations who are supporting people with disability and give back for every new member sign-up you refer.

Alvie isn’t just about fun and friendship—it’s a place for personal growth and meaningful connections. Our social platform helps members find like-minded friends through smart matching and provides tools to initiate conversations easily. We also offer a variety of fun games and competitions online and a community billboard for local events tailored for people with disability. These features support your members in building their social networks and achieving their community participation and capacity building goals.

We love to give back to the organisations who help us grow. The more your members join and enjoy Alvie, the more we give back. It’s our way of thanking our partners and making sure our collaboration gets stronger and stronger as we both grow.

Alvie is a first-of-its-kind web app social platform providing a safe space for people with disabilities to connect and form lifelong friendships. The web-app is compatible on mobile and desktop to accommodate all members. For more meaningful connections and increased member compatibility, Alvie’s algorithm has been designed to match members on not only age and location but also interests and hobbies.

To protect all members and foster a safe environment, we require that everyone signing up completes an official Police Check to ensure they are genuine. We also have several measures in place to monitor any misuse of the platform to help prevent bullying, harassment, and abuse.

You can complete your registration online at In the last step you will be required to upload certification documents or complete your Police Check through Once your Police Check is seen and approved by admin you membership will be approved.

Alvie is a web-app accessed online on Alvie can be accessed on mobile, tablet and desktop. If you are using Alvie on your mobile, we recommend adding the webpage as a shortcut on your home screen so it can be accessed like an App.

Yes, we are NDIS verified, so participants can claim through their NDIS plans. We will invoice them directly (if self-managed), directly to their plan manager (if plan managed) or if Agency managed we will invoice the NDIA directly.  

NDIS Funding Registration Groups Applicable:

  • 0112 – Assistive Equipment for Recreation
  • 0116 – Innovation Community Participation
  • 0124 – Communication & Information Equipment

See full list of codes

Alvie is a membership-based app with annual payments. The membership is priced at $500 per year, which includes the fee of $50 for your Police Check (unless you already have one). This can be cancelled at any time for no additional fees. Membership fees can be claimed through your NDIS plan in the following registration groups 0112, 0116, 0124.

See full list of codes

Safety’s a big deal for us! We make sure everyone on Alvie has gone through a police check, and our algorithm keeps a constant eye on activities to make sure everyone’s playing nice. It’s all about creating a safe spot where everyone feels welcome.

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