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Explore how recommending Alvie can open up a world of friendships and social activities for your Participants. Alvie is a fully funded NDIS support, helping Participants to achieve their social and community participation goals.

NDIS-Funded Social Opportunities

Community participation and social interaction are vital goals for most participants. As a Registered NDIS Provider, Alvie is designed to help Support Coordinators by helping your participants achieve their objectives effortlessly. Leveraging Alvie means providing Participants access to an environment where they can make friends, share interests, and enjoy a sense of belonging, both online and in person. All funded by the NDIS under these key registration groups:

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Discover Alvie’s Essential Benefits

Safe Environment

A secure and welcoming space where Participants can engage and interact, free from bullying or harassment.

Carer Accounts

Linked carer accounts can manage and oversee Participant activities, including group carer communication.

Local Activities

Access the Alvie community billboard to discover a variety of local events, activities, and programs for people living with disability.

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A Valuable Tool For Support Coordinators

With Alvie’s support, you can effectively empower your NDIS Participants to connect, engage, and thrive in their communities. Here’s how we make it happen: 

Find Your People

Our clever matching system introduces Participants to new friends who share similar interests, making it easy to find and connect with like-minded people.

Conversation Made Easy

With friendly nudges and handy conversation starters right in the app, we make it simple for Participants to break the ice and start building lasting relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of our FAQs visit our Support page.

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Alvie is a vibrant online web app that connects NDIS Participants with social and recreational opportunities, allowing them to build friendships, engage in community activities, and participate in in-app games and competitions tailored to their interests and needs.

As a Registered NDIS Provider, the cost of Alvie is covered under specific NDIS Registration Groups:

0112 – Assistive Equipment for Recreation
0116 – Innovative Community Participation
0124 – Communication & Information Equipment

See full list of codes

Up to five carer accounts can be linked to a Participant’s Alvie account to help oversee their activities. Each carer account can interact with other linked carers, ensuring a Participant’s whole support team is informed and aligned in their goals.

Alvie hosts a wide array of activities including fun competitions, regular footy tipping and interactive games, all designed to be inclusive and cater to diverse interests. In addition, the Alvie Billboard lists events and activities all around Australia that are suitable for people living with disability. Participants can even add their own event, encouraging real-world meet-ups and social interaction.

Support Coordinators can refer Participants by filling out our simple form below. The referred person will then receive information on how to sign up for a free trial with Alvie, complete with step-by-step instructions.

Alvie is ideal for Participants who face challenges leaving their home, whether due to physical or psychosocial barriers. The platform offers a rich array of virtual friend matching, fun games and activities that enable Participants to build friendships, enjoy a social life, win prizes and have fun all from the comfort of their home. Additionally, the Alvie billboard features local events that are suitable for people with disabilities, including those with low mobility, ensuring everyone can participate fully and joyfully in community life.

Alvie ensures user safety through mandatory police checks for all users, real-time monitoring for bullying or harassment by the Alvie algorithm, and strict data security protocols to protect personal information.

Each Participant can have up to 5 Carers linked to their account, ensuring a robust, connected support system that can be managed directly through Alvie’s user-friendly settings.

An Alvie Match is when the platform connects Participants with others who have similar interests, age, and location preferences, helping to create friendships and spark a conversation.

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