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A Trusted Social Space

Discover how Alvie creates a secure space for your loved ones to achieve their social and community participation goals. With stringent safety protocols and a supportive community, we ensure that every Alvie interaction is safe, enriching, and enjoyable.

Empowering Carers and Families

Alvie recognises the essential role of carers and family members in supporting loved ones with disabilities. Our platform enhances this support through the innovative use of carer accounts, allowing family members and carers to participate actively in the online experience.

These accounts provide an added layer of oversight, ensuring all interactions are safe and beneficial. We’re all about promoting a secure, inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

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Comprehensive Carer & Family Integration

Alvie offers robust support features for family and carers, enhancing the safety and management of interactions for your loved ones with a disability.

Maintain Oversight

Alvie members can invite up to five carers during registration or through account settings, ensuring comprehensive support and oversight at no additional cost.

Mandatory Youth Protection

All members under 18 must have a linked carer account, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding the experiences of our younger users.

Flexible Carer Management

Carers and family can be attached to multiple member accounts, utilising Alvie’s chat feature to maintain communication with all linked members and other carers.

Safer Communication

Our AI technology instantly detects inappropriate language and signs of bullying, sending alerts to both carer accounts and Alvie administrators.

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Use NDIS Funding For Alvie Membership

Alvie is proud to be a registered NDIS provider, enabling your loved ones to easily cover their membership fees through their plans. This accessibility helps broaden the community, enriching the social experiences of our users by providing ample opportunities to connect and engage in enjoyable activities.

Seamless NDIS funding process, enabling direct claims under your loved one’s NDIS plan.

Payment options for self-managed, plan-managed and agency-managed users.

Help Someone Special Join Alvie

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Community participation and social interaction are key goals for the majority of NDIS participants. Alvie streamlines your role by providing the tools and support needed in your loved one’s journey towards greater social inclusion. Connect those you care for to Alvie’s vibrant and safe community. 

No More Loneliness and Isolation

Alvie opens up a world of fun and genuine friendships for your loved ones. They’ll be matched with like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment. Whether it’s through engaging online games or in-person local meetups and events, Alvie provides opportunities for meaningful interactions that can make a world of difference in their lives.

Safe and Supportive Matching

For genuine friendships based on common interests.

Zero Bullying and Abuse

The Alvie algorithm continually monitors all interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of our FAQs visit our Support page.

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For members under the age of 18, or for individuals who need additional support with communication and moderation of the platform, a parent, guardian, or support worker account will be attached to the membership at no extra cost. Your Carer(s) are linked during the member registration process or can be invited at any time in your Alvie account settings.

Carers can be linked to multiple member accounts and use Alvie to stay in touch with other linked members and carers using the chat feature.

Each member can have up to five (5) Carers linked to their account. Your Carer(s) are linked during the member registration process or can be invited at anytime in your Alvie account settings. You can easily change or add carers at anytime in your Profile Settings.

At this stage, a support worker/carer cannot register for Alvie and can only be invited by the Alvie member to be linked to the member’s account.

Click the hamburger menu in the top right and select settings. From here select “carers” and remove or invite accordingly.

Yes, we are NDIS verified, so can claim through your NDIS plans. We will invoice you directly (if self-managed), directly to your plan manager (if plan managed) or if Agency managed we will invoice the NDIA directly.  

NDIS Funding Registration Groups Applicable:

  • 0112 – Assistive Equipment for Recreation
  • 0116 – Innovation Community Participation
  • 0124 – Communication & Information Equipment

See full list of codes

Alvie is a membership-based app with annual payments. The membership is priced at $500 per year, which includes the fee of $50 for your Police Check (unless you already have one). This can be cancelled at any time for no additional fees. Membership fees can be claimed through your NDIS plan in the following registration groups 0112, 0116, 0124.

See full list of codes

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